High heels are best in the spring and fall, airy sandals in the summer, and sturdy boots in the winter. This is the type of information that the fashion advice website known as Fanal Chaussure Romans will impart and will direct you to the proper choices to achieve that effortless style that we all want. This site is like having a friend in the fashion biz that dishes the dirt each season on who the best designers are, and what looks the truly fashion forward will be wearing.

Shoe wear is no different, and each season, the look will change. Summer’s call for strappy sandals and stacked espadrilles and bold colors. In autumn, a more muted palette is called for, and form must follow function. Winter shoe smarts require warmth  and durability, and must also look cute, there is no excuse to go completely utilitarian. Not to worry, this is the specialty of FCR and their advice and guidance will have you looking stylishly sophisticated all while you are feeling good.

Footwear is not always as straightforward as one might imagine, and you can be certain that the great insights can always be found at Fanal Chaussure Romans, whatever your fashion question may be. One question that women often struggle with is the determination of what measure of high heels is best for them and their lifestyle. Knowing at what height your heels should be, will put you ahead of the game when it comes to looking savvy in the foot department. Heels are best in the spring and fall seasons, and in addition to style, color, and material, heel height is also a very important consideration.

Understanding one’s lifestyle is the first element in creating a successful and effortless look. Today’s woman wants to look very well put together, but does not have the desire to spend a lot of time or effort on her wardrobe.

Women love shoes, and savvy women know that they can count on FCR to do the research and present the best footwear options each and every season. The proper shoe can create a unique and notable look that helps to reflect one’s personality as well as knowledge of current trends and fashion moods.

Conversely, an improper shoe choice can create a fashion don’t in spite of a great outfit that is well presented and on trend. Consider footwear to be the capstone of the outfit, with the color, style and material creating the final touch of a great outfit.